AquaBatch, Aqua Batch filters wash water in tunnel washer compartiments for cleaner laundry process water. Made by Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands Equipment for textile laundries, commercial laundries, industrial laundry.AquaVent heat recovery from ironer vent in flatwork laundries designed and made by Wientjens, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab. Wientjens focus on equipment, systems and machinery that saves water and energy in the production at industrial laundries, textile laundries, commercial laundry, industrial dry cleaners. Hot water system for textile laundries. Aqua Heater from Wientjens, specialized equipment for the industrial laundry industry. BlueOcean Blue Ocean Filter water energy recycling equipment for textile laundries in the commercial industrial laundry industry from Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab and Christeyns.

The Wientjens AquaBatch filters laundry process water in the chosen compartiment of your tunnel washer to give cleaner wash or rinse water. Removes fibres, hair, lint and other solid particles. Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab. Innovative products for water and energy savings in textile care laundries.