The AquaEnergy System

Energy buffering for flexibility in every laundry!

AquaEnergy system Aqua Energy Wientjens hot water buffer for textile laundries. Energy buffering for laundry flexibility during demand peaks. Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab Textile Care and Christeyns. Wientjens AquaDrain, Aqua Drain filters backflush or backwash water from water recycling equipment in textile laundries. Fibres, hair, sand, lint removed, less clogging of laundry pipes. Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands, partner of Ecolab Textile Care. Equipment for textile laundries in the industrial laundry industry.AquaBatch, Aqua Batch filters wash water in tunnel washer compartiments for cleaner laundry process water. Made by Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands Equipment for textile laundries, commercial laundries, industrial laundry.AquaVent heat recovery from ironer vent in flatwork laundries designed and made by Wientjens, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab. Wientjens focus on equipment, systems and machinery that saves water and energy in the production at industrial laundries, textile laundries, commercial laundry, industrial dry cleaners. Hot water system for textile laundries. Aqua Heater from Wientjens, specialized equipment for the industrial laundry industry. BlueOcean Blue Ocean Filter water energy recycling equipment for textile laundries in the commercial industrial laundry industry from Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab and Christeyns.


  • A hot water buffer suitable for different energy sources

  • Process flexibility thanks to on-demand hot water

  • Sized to suit your process needs, whatever they are

  • Hot water available for multiple wash processes

  • No fuss maintenance

  • Modest investment, lots of flexibility

    *AquaEnergy System shown here with an AquaHeater


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Manage demand peaks with ease!


AquaEnergy-system-Aqua-Energy-Wientjens-hot water buffer for textile laundries. Energy buffering for laundry flexibility during demand peaks. Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab Textile Care.

AquaEnergy System

  • Save on energy costs by thermal buffering

  • Make maximum use of your energy recycling systems

  • Use thermal buffer to improve process flexibility/manage peaks in demand


Why it’s special!

  • Saves energy by buffering heated fresh water for re-use

  • On-demand hot water available as you require

  • Specially designed for laundry processes, includes automatic fresh water feeding

  • Range of capacities to suit every laundry situation – from 2000 to 5000 litres

  • Fully automatic, controlled system with customized display

  • Premium insulation minimizes standing heat losses

  • Temperature zoning gives you maximum hot water usability

  • Completely pre-assembled and pre-tested for quick and easy installation

  • Inverter controlled pump, with option of adding extra pumps

  • More than 500 laundries like you are already saving every day with our proven technology

What is the AquaEnergy System?

What it does

The AquaEnergy System  buffers hot fresh water which is not immediately needed in the wash process. This hot water can come from any of a number of sources, generally an energy recovery system.  The AquaEnergy System allows you to store this hot water until needed in your process.   The premium insulation used in the AquaEnergy System ensures that standing heat losses are minimized,  the water retains its heat over time. The hot water is available when required in the wash process. The AquaEnergy System can be used to serve a number of wash processes as your needs dictate.  The AquaEnergy Systems gives maximum process flexibility in your laundry.

Performance boost

With hot water from your energy recovery units now available for re-use when demand requires, you get full benefit from your energy recycling equipment while also ensuring flexibility.  Either way, a reduction in your energy costs.

How it works

The AquaEnergy System fills with hot water from your energy recycling source as needed. Possible sources are for instance, an AquaVent or an EOP, but also solar panels or compressor energy recovery can be sources. The hot water is stored in temperature zones in the AquaEnergy System. A graphic display unit shows exactly what’s going on inside the unit. When demand requires, the hot water is then pumped by the AquaEnergy System to the wash process(es) as commanded.

Depending on your laundry’s needs, extra booster heating with steam is an option as is connection to an AquaHeater Plus T. There is also the possibility to choose an energy recovery monitor.