The AquaHeater Plus T

Fresh water heated inexpensively exactly where you need it!

AquaHeater Plus T, Aqua Heater Plus T, Wientjens. Fresh water heated inexpensively exactly where you need it! Equipment for textile laundries in the industrial laundry industry. Partner of Ecolab and Christeyns.


  • Hot fresh water exactly when you need it, heated with high efficiency*

  • Dimensioned to suit your laundry’s needs, range of capacities available

  • Lag times reduced thanks to point of use installation

  • Gas-fired, adaptable for different gas types

  • No more steam generation costs and distribution losses

  • Trouble-free installation at point of use

  • No fuss maintenance

  • Modest investment, big savings

    * >99% efficiency, CE approved, certified by KIWA, the  Dutch testing authority


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Heat your fresh water efficiently!


AquaHeater Plus T

  • Save on heating costs for tap water, choose gas and go steam-free

  • Increase process flexibility with on-demand hot water

  • Reduce energy losses thanks to point of use heating


Why it’s special!

  • Simple and clever gas-fired heater for heating your fresh water, a range of capacities available available, 80kW, 120kW and 180kW

  • Easy installation makes  decentral use the simple option

  • Compact design needing only 0.6 m² floor space, no frills simplicity

  • High-efficiency gas technology means best use of ressources

  • Modulating heater operation adapts dynamically to demand, giving extra savings

  • Completely pre-assembled and pre-tested for quick and easy installation

  • Can be further customised to laundry needs

  • More than 500 laundries like you are already saving every day with our proven technology

What is the AquaHeater Plus T?

What it does

The AquaHeater Plus T efficiently heats mains (tap) water for use in textile laundry processes.  The AquaHeater Plus T will heat up to 9.5 m³/h from 10°C to 70°C when you require. If water of 40°C is sufficient in your process, then the AquaHeater Plus T will provide 19 m³/h of fresh hot water.  It is a piece of no-frills equipment, using clever Dutch condensing heating technology to provide constant hot water while using the lowest possible amount of gas. When installed exactly where it is needed at point of use, it avoids all the costs associated with the traditional generation and distribution of steam. If demand tends to fluctuate, an extra insulated tank (the AquaEnergy System) can easily be connected to the AquaHeater Plus T to provide a hot water buffer. The AquaHeater Plus T is a flexible, decentral system with none of the heat losses of big central systems and costing a fraction of the price to acquire, run and maintain.

Performance boost

Your process water is now heated efficiently and inexpensively. Ongoing high costs associated with  steam generation and distribution are a thing of the past. (An extra buffer tank, the AquaEnergy System,  can offer hot water supply flexibility if needed). Should demand increase significantly, then an extra AquaHeater Plus T is easily added to expand capacity. All these features add up to a performance boost with greatly increased flexibility and lower costs. Steam free with large benefits for a modest investment.

How it works

The heart of the AquaHeater Plus T is state-of-the-art Dutch gas burner technology. Clean mains (tap) water is heated using  condensing technology, yielding efficiency levels of 99% (gas use) compared to levels of only 50% to 80% in traditional steam boilers. The AquaHeater Plus T burner modulates automatically as demand fluctuates, so that the gas used at any given moment is only exactly as much as needed. No overshoot with extra heat or fuel being wasted.  This technology has been used in the Netherlands for a number of decades, the AquaHeater Plus T puts the very best of this know-how to work in an adaptation specifically for textile laundries.  (If required, an extra AquaEnergy System offers a buffer of hot water at exactly the required temperature so that any fluctuations in demand are smoothly dealt with.)  A graphic display shows operators exactly what is happening, real time. The AquaHeater Plus T allows you to get the maximum out of precious resources like water and fuel. Easy CO2 savings to boot.

The AquaHeater Plus T is carefully designed to be ‘plug-and-play’ for quick, easy installation and minimum fuss.