The M1820 Eco

Expert degreasing for (sheep)skins!



  • Extra large drum to deal with heavy degreasing work

  • Superb degreasing results on sheepskins

  • Allows fine tuning of process for different quality requirements

  • Machine is built to your specifications

  • Designed for easy operation by personnel

  • No fuss maintenance

  • Stainless steel parts for long life in a challenging environment


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Robust degreasing equipment for tanneries!


Large drum of M-1820 Eco degreasing module for skin tanneries. Wientjens equipment for (sheep) skin tannery. 1820 liter drum for easy loading.

M1820 Eco Degreasing module

  • Expert degreasing for high end products

  • Save with robust, efficient equipment

  • Raise capacity with short cycle times

  • Radically reduce maintenance time and costs


Why it’s special!

  • Extra large 1820 liter drum for great air circulation

  • Robust construction for degreasing big volumes of oiled chamois leather

  • Fast degreasing and drying cycles

  • Automatic door opening and closing

  • Easy loading using large door and special tilting function

  • Automatic unloading thanks to machine tilt feature

  • Robust (stainless) steel construction for long lifespan

  • Low solvent losses

  • User friendly design for easier maintenance and operation

  • With 50 years of experience making degreasing equipment, Wientjens has the know-how you need

What is the M1820 Eco Degreasing Module?

What it does

The M-1820 Eco is a solvent-based degreasing machine, built for industrial use. Thanks to its generous 1820 liter drum size, the M-1820 Eco will easily deal with big loads of skins. Good drying of full sheepskins is not a problem.  When degreasing oiled chamois leather, its robust construction allows the M-1820 Eco to cope with the heavy chamois weight at the start of the degreasing process. Freely programmable by you to suit whichever skins you have on a given cycle, easy loading is followed by an efficient and quick cleaning and drying cycle. The result is skins with exactly the oil percentage and/or the dryness you require. All with with the minimum of fuss.

Performance boost

Machines that are easy to operate and maintain, save your personnel hours every week. And reduce the risk of mistakes. Through years of experience with our skin tannery customers, we know exactly how to make those dream machines. What's more, our degreasing modules are long lasting. That means savings in time and money, every single day. Real returns on your investment.