The DIS A-300

The compact disinfection sluice with short cycle times


  • Disinfects linen trolleys or carts chemically

  • Your clean linen in a clean trolley – no cross-contamination

  • No fuss maintenance

  • Automatic, timed, push-button operation

  • Range of sizes and capacities possible


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Fast turnaround in sluice disinfection


DIS A-300

  • Disinfect carts or trolleys chemically

  • Short cycle times mean fast turnabout

  • Compact and easy to place in barrier wall

  • Interlocking doors for real infection control


Why it’s special!

  • High capacity to suit every laundry situation – approx. 10 cycles per hour

  • Interlocking doors for hygiene and safety

  • Automatic disinfectant dosing unit incorporated

  • Closed systems, so no smell or spray

  • Compact design for easy integration into separation wall

  • Low investment, high production

  • Low noise

  • Easy to clean aluminium

  • Personnel sluice available on request

  • Wientjens sluices can be found in laundries, hospitals and prisons all over Europe

What is the DIS A-300?

What it does

The DIS A-300 is a disinfection sluice for chemically disinfecting containers such as linen trolleys or carts. The DIS A-300 has a short cycle time making it ideal for fast turnabout. This sluice has a capacity of about 10 cycles per hour. Incorporated in a separation or barrier wall, containers  are loaded in on one side of the sluice, and after the cleaning programme has run, can be unloaded at the other side, disinfected and ready for use.

Quality boost

Careful disinfection of trolleys or carts after they have carried dirty linen or textiles, for instance,  is an important step in preventing cross contamination. This is particularly crucial in a health care environment such as hospitals. The DIS A-300 is a link in the chain of your infection control system. Clean containers for your clean linen.

How it works

Placed in a separation or barrier wall between the dirty and clean sides of the laundry, the operation of the DIS A-300 is straightforward. Cycle programmes are set according to your requirements. The doors are interlocked to prevent both doors opening at the same time. Up to 3 containers are loaded manually from the dirty side, after which a push on the button starts the timed, automatic process. Both doors are locked at this point. The chemical disinfectant is atomised using compressed air, and after the programmed soaking time, the sluice is blown through with fresh air. This ensures that there is no smell and no spray outside the DIS A-300. At the end of the cycle, the door at the clean side opens automatically and the containers are ready for unloading. The door at the dirty end remains locked until the unloading is completed.  The DIS A-300  is designed for easy installation, low maintenance and smooth operation.