The VD-1600 Distiller

The solvent distiller that barely needs cleaning!

VD-1600 solvent distiller from Wientjens, Netherlands. Stable capacity and low maintenance still for industrial dry cleaners or skin tanneries. Distills Perc or k4. Vacuum distiller.


  • Dramatically reduced cleaning thanks to Wientjens process knowledge

  • Can connect to multiple degreasing modules

  • Still and main cooler are integrated

  • Vacuum design principle also allows solvent flexibility

  • Robust construction for demanding industrial setting

  • Automatic and independant plc control


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Make solvent distilling easy!


VD-1600 solvent distiller from Wientjens Netherlands. Stable capacity and low maintenance still for industrial dry cleaners or skin tanneries. Distills Perc or k4. Vacuum distiller

VD-1600 Distiller

  • Recover solvent from the degreasing process

  • Dramatically reduce distiller cleaning time

  • Save with excellent separation performance

  • Enjoy stable distilling capacity


Why it’s special!

  • The VD-1600 distills roughly 1600 liters/hour (perc)

  • Compact unit thanks to integration of still and main cooler

  • Still cleaning required less than once a year

  • Stable distilling capacity  thanks to vacuum design

  • Large water separator gives high performance

  • Risk of boil over and air imbalance nearly zero

  • Heating coils easy to access and remove

  • User friendly design with large doors for easier maintenance access

  • With 50 years of experience making equipment for tanneries, Wientjens has the know-how you need

  • Suitable for solvent used in degreasing chamois

What is the VD-1600 Distiller?

What it does

Placed in combination with a Wientjens separator, the  VD-1600 is the ideal distiller for your degreasing module. Comprising a main still, sludge cooker, dirty and clean water tanks, coolers and large water separator,  the VD-1600 distills solvent from your degreasing process. Using Wientjens process know-how, the combination of separator and VD-1600 allows the maximum of any solid particles to be removed from the solvent before it enters the distiller. There is consequently almost no dirt gathering on the still floor, and that removes the need for a difficult cleaning maintenance task. It is difficult to overemphasize how much easier this makes the work of your personnel!

Based on vacuum technology, the VD-1600 maintains a constant solvent level in the main still which provides stable distilling capacity and gives you constant availablility of clean solvent. A huge advantage of the Wientjens design is that the unit will never boil over (under normal running conditions). Air imbalance in the system is also virtually an unknown. A large water separator ensures good cooling to give you optimal separation performance. A further benefit is that the VD-1600 has low consumption of cooling water and steam.

Performance boost

You will reap the benefits of our VD-1600 vacuum technology immediately - stable distilling capacity, almost no still cleaning needed, optimal separation performance. This means stable clean solvent availability and a huge reduction in operating and maintenance needs. When cleaning is needed, it is made trouble free thanks to easy machine access. Low operating and maintenance costs across the board. Your investment is quickly recouped.