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Who is Wientjens B.V.?


Wientjens B.V. is a Dutch company which specialises in equipment for textile care.  We have a range of products for textile laundries, industrial dry cleaners and skin tanneries. We design and make robust, high performance equipment. What's more, most of our equipment, as well as generating savings will also help textile care companies to [...]

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How do I order a spare part?


Contact us with the details (serial number) of which spare part you need. We will respond quickly to a phone call or an email.

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Can I use non-original spare parts?


Many parts of Wientjens' equipment are manufactured specifically for us. We strongly recommend that you use only original spare parts, to ensure the part has the correct specifications.  You would otherwise risk real problems with your equipment. Contact us instead for a quotation.

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Can I adjust software settings myself?


The control panel allows you to adjust certain equipment settings (see your Machine Handbook).However  we do not recommend you do this without consulting a process specialist. The settings on your machine have been chosen for reasons connected to your process. On no account should you interfere with the software itself. This would likely cause [...]

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What is the price of Wientjens’ equipment?


The price of our equipment will depend on the specifics of your situation. Choosing optional features for extra performance also impacts on price. First step is to determine your requirements. After that, specifications can be drawn up and you can receive a quotation.  Contact us to discuss.

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How do I get in contact?


Just visit our contact page

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