We help industrial dry cleaners with today’s challenges

The world is changing

  • Cleaning standards and specialist requirements are growing
  • Fossil fuels are under pressure
  • Businesses have to increasingly account for their (environmental) impact
  • Technology allows insights previously not possible

Your challenges

Wientjens understands your process and the challenges in your dry cleaning business: you need efficient dry cleaning and distilling equipment that is easy to maintain while keeping solvent losses to a minimum. We offer proven systems that will give you all this and more.

For 60 years we have been designing systems and developing equipment for industrial dry cleaners all over the world. Working in close co-operation with our customers and their chemical suppliers, we can draw on huge know-how to give you exactly the dry cleaning system your business needs.  We have the full range of equipment and the expertise to help you make the best savings choices for your business, no matter what your challenges, no matter where you are.

Solvent challenges:
  • Reduce solvent lossesmore
  • Bio-degradable solvents an option … more

Improving efficiency:
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs … more
  • Achieve high hourly production ... more


  • Reduce solvent losses and save on costs?
  • Stricter requirements relating to your waste before disposal?

We have the full range of equipment for industrial dry cleaners and understand the optimal way to  configure these to give you real solutions.  Improve performance and save on maintenance. All our equipment is carefully specified and engineered to give you maximum savings. So be sure to contact us as your next step.

The M-1820 Eco, the most popular of our dry cleaning modules worldwide. 

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VD-1600 solvent distiller from Wientjens, Netherlands. Stable capacity and low maintenance still for industrial dry cleaners or skin tanneries. Distills Perc or k4. Vacuum distiller.
  • A still that nearly doesn’t need cleaning?
  • Maximum solvent recovery?

Our distillers  do all this.    Cleaning a dirty still is no-one’s dream task. Our distilling equipment really is revoultionary.  Browse further or talk to us for the details.

Our VD-1600 will help you seriously reduce maintenance time and costs. 

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  • Do you recover the maximum from exhaust solvent vapours?
  • How efficient is your system energy-wise?

Our  air filtering units use the superior activated carbon process to recover maximum solvent from exhaust.  Get the maximum from your inputs. Browse further for more information.

The DAS-2400 recovers solvent efficiently from exhaust vapours. 

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The Right Solutions  For Your Cleaning Business. Every Time.

The Right Tools.
The Best Audit.

Thanks to countless years of experience, we know exactly which parameters are crucial for an efficient operation and an excellent cleaning result. 

The Right Systems.
The Best Solution. 

Our range of products offers everything a dry cleaning process needs, from beginning to end.  Designed for efficient and easy operation.

The Right Checks.
The Best Results.

We Dutch say “meten is weten”, to measure is to know. We measure everything to show exactly what’s happening. And then we visualise it for you.         

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Use your cleaning solvent to the maximum, make it work for you. The savings that follow go straight to your bottom line.

Wastewater treatment and energy recovery systems equipment from Wientjens. Textile laundries, industrial laundry, partner Ecolab, Wientjens Netherlands. Wientjens in Milsbeek the Netherlands is a company that focus on equipment, systems and machinery that saves water and energy in the production at industrial laundries, textile laundries, commercial laundry, industrial dry cleaners and skin tanneries.

Use sensor technology to sharpen and improve how your process runs, this gives you not only savings, but also satisfaction.

Make your personnel more productive and happier with equipment that is really easy to maintain.

Make your customers happy with tailored solutions for their specialist wash, no quality compromise needed.