Partners in Water/Energy management

We at Wientjens  work closely with other industry partners to help our customers use water and energy better. This ensures a joined-up approach and translates into smooth integration of water recycling and energy recovery into your wash processes. Your business gets optimal savings with minimal disruption.

We partner with leading  industry suppliers, such as detergent companies or machine manufacturers, as well as with industry consultants. We have a decades long relationship with  Ecolab textile care division, for instance.

In the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, our important partner is P&G International Solutions, consultant in water and energy saving solutions.

We regularly collaborate with other leading players in the industry too.  The chances are high that the supplier who advises and supports you on water/energy questions already knows us, contact us if you’d like to check.

Together with our partners, Wientjens  has already completed more than 500 water and energy projects delivering total savings equivalent to €15 million per year. Gerry Wientjens, managing director of the Dutch company, remarks that Wientjens equipment has made an important contribution to these projects. He adds  that there are still lots of opportunities to help laundries save operational costs and become more sustainable by reducing their water and energy consumption.