The DAS-2400 Activated Carbon Air filter

High solvent recovery with the Wientjens air filter!



  • High solvent recovery rates for dry cleaners

  • Also suitable for ground pollution remediation

  • Superior activated carbon design principle

  • Easily outperforms refrigeration-based processes

  • Select the activated carbon quality  to suit your process

  • Very low emission levels

  • Configuration flexible to suit your process needs

  • Enables compliance with environmental regulations

  • Proven technology based on 60 years of experience


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Filter solvent from exhaust efficiently!


DAS-2400 activated carbon air filter

  • Actively removes solvent vapours from dry cleaning exhaust air

  • Highly efficient activated carbon technology

  • Low heat losses

  • Helps you comply with environmental regulations


Why it’s special!

  • DAS-2400 our popular, high capacity regenerative model

  • Designed for optimal air flow/low emission levels balance

  • Range of capacities available, contact us for more details

  • Continuous adsorption process gives high efficiency

  • Bottom to top adsorption flow means less pollution of the carbon bed

  • High carbon bed for lower solvent emission levels

  • Compact unit with small footprint

  • Thermal insulation for lower heat losses

  • Completely automatic process control

  • Continuous monitoring available as an option

  • High solvent savings for fast return on investment

What is the DAS-2400 Air Filter?

What it does

The DAS-2400 is an activated carbon air filter that regenerates solvent (perc) from dry cleaning exhaust. So the choice for activated carbon means that you will enjoy the benefits of a continuous adsorption process. You can select an activated carbon quality specifically to suit your process needs as it is a natural product. The DAS-2400 has a high carbon bed (longer path) and the adsorption flow goes from bottom to top. This brings you big performance benefits. The DAS-2400 reservoirs are made of robust stainless steel and the whole unit is of modular design. This, together with its compact size, allows you big flexibility in positioning in your plant. Furthermore, heat losses are kept to a minimum thanks to thermal insulation.   And automatic process control frees up your operating personnel. The DAS-2400 is also designed to make maintenance as trouble free as possible. Our years of experience in this field have allowed us to make a superior air filter.

Performance boost

Superior activated carbon technology allows you to regenerate solvent very effectively and with minimum heat losses. Detailed attention to design allows us to offer an air filter that is operator friendly, with completely automatic process control and easy maintenance. All while complying with environmental regulations, you will be saving so much solvent that your investment in the DAS-2400 quickly pays for itself.