The AquaBatch

Really clean water in all tunnel washer compartments!

AquaBatch, Aqua Batch filters wash water in tunnel washer compartiments for cleaner laundry process water. Made by Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands Equipment for textile laundries, commercial laundries, industrial laundry.AquaVent heat recovery from ironer vent in flatwork laundries designed and made by Wientjens, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab. Wientjens focus on equipment, systems and machinery that saves water and energy in the production at industrial laundries, textile laundries, commercial laundry, industrial dry cleaners. Hot water system for textile laundries. Aqua Heater from Wientjens, specialized equipment for the industrial laundry industry. BlueOcean Blue Ocean Filter water energy recycling equipment for textile laundries in the commercial industrial laundry industry from Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab and Christeyns.


  • Cleaner process water gives better end quality of your wash

  • Less rewash (= time and money savings)

  • Tiny footprint and easy installation

  • Minimal running costs

  • Can be easily connected to all well-known continuous tunnel washers

  • No fuss maintenance

  • Modest investment, big boost in end quality


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Make changing wash colour easy!



  • Much better end quality of wash

  • Big reduction in failure costs

  • Well suited to healthcare and hospitality laundry


Why it’s special!

  • Non-stop clean water in different compartments of your tunnel washer –  up to 15 m³/hr

  • Water quality like you want, consistent throughout your wash process

  • No fuss self-cleaning filter

  • Very compact design, just 0.8 m x 0.8 m floorspace needed

  • Fully automatic, controlled system with customized display

  • Closed filtration housing for maximum  hygiene

  • Robust stainless steel design

  • Optional collection of  lint and hair for separate disposal (see AquaDrain)

  • More than 500 laundries like you are already saving every day with our proven recycling technology

What is the AquaBatch?

What it does

The AquaBatch filters out fibres, hairs, lint, sand  and other solid particles  in the pre-wash, main wash or the rinse zone of your continuous tunnel washer. These particles and fibres are removed definitively from the washing process and are therefore not flushed on to the next compartiment. Removing particles and fibres means improved end quality of the washed textile because you are (pre)washing/rinsing with cleaner water. The AquaBatch filters continuously as needed for each cycle.  Our one-step technology means that the heat in your wash water is also preserved to the maximum.  The AquaBatch is  designed to give you higher end quality with the minimum of fuss.

Performance boost

With up to 95% of your wash water now filtered clean before entering the next compartiment,  and more or less at its initial temperature, you will see a big quality boost in your process.  Big improvements for a modest investment.

How it works

The AquaBatch continuously filters process water from the chosen zone of your tunnel washer. The heart of the AquaBatch is its depth-filtration technology. Layered discs trap all dirt – even hairs cannot slip through. What’s more, the filters are self-cleaning, running an automatic backflush whenever required. That minimizes operator time. The AquaBatch connects inline to one tunnel washers compartment and will treat up to 15m³ wash water per hour. The AquaBatch is a fully automatic system, pre-programmed, and with a display which allows your personnel on the ground to monitor exactly how everything is running. Furthermore, the filter is enclosed for maximum hygiene, particularly important if you have health-care customers.  The AquaBatch is simplicity itself: compact, easy to connect and it will quickly become a workhorse  for high end quality.