The AquaHeater Plus Smart

Inexpensive hot water for smaller laundries!

AquaHeater Plus Smart, Aqua Heater Plus Smart, Wientjens. High efficiency water heating for textile and commercial laundries with hot water buffer for process flexibility. Easy connection to washer extractors. Equipment for textile laundries in the industrial laundry industry. Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab and Christeyns.


  • Hot water exactly as you need it, heated with high efficiency*

  • Ideal for washer extractors in small or medium sized laundries

  • Gas-fired, available for different gas types

  • Big process flexibility thanks to integrated hot water buffer

  • Efficiency gains when used as a hot fill for your washer extractor

  • No more steam generation and distribution losses if using a steam boiler

  • Trouble-free installation at point of use

  • No fuss maintenance

  • Modest investment, big savings thanks to high efficiency

    * >99% efficiency, CE approved, tested by KIWA, the Dutch test institute


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The most efficient water heating!


AquaHeater Plus Smart

  • Save on water heating costs, choose high efficiency gas technology

  • Increase process flexibility thanks to hot water buffer

  • Efficient, fast response water heating system boosts process performance


Why it’s special!

  • An AquaHeater Plus Smart to suit your specific laundry situation – range available, 80kW, 120kW and 180kW

  • Capacity examples:  4.8 m³/h when heating water of 10°C  to 40°C, or capacity of 2.4 m³/h when heating 10°C water to 70°C.

  • Hot water buffering for smooth performance during peak demand, 450 litres or 720 litres

  • Compact design with footprint of just 1.75m² and on a handy raised platform

  • High-efficiency gas technology makes better use of energy inputs than electric or steam heating systems

  • Modulating heater operation adapts dynamically to avoid ‘overshoot’ when close to maximum temperature

  • Completely pre-assembled and pre-tested for quick and easy installation

  • Can be further customised to laundry needs

  • More than 500 laundries like you are already saving every day with our proven technology

What is the AquaHeater Plus Smart?

What it does

The AquaHeater Plus Smart heats up fresh water for use in washer extractors  (eg as a hot fill). For instance, the AquaHeater Plus Smart will heat up to 2.4 m³/h, from 10°C to 70°C. The integrated buffer tank stores any hot water that is not immediately needed. This water can be used whenever required, a feature that ensures a smooth hot water supply even during peaks in demand.  The high quality tank insulation ensures minimal standing heat losses from the buffer tank. The AquaHeater Plus Smart is compact so it can generally be positioned exactly where the hot water is needed, giving a flexible, decentral system without the  heat losses of big central systems and at a fraction of the cost. If you currently heat your water electrically, then you will be surprised to see how much you can save by (pre)heating your fresh water using gas technology.

Performance boost

Your fresh water is now (pre)heated efficiently and inexpensively for use in your washer extractor(s). Ongoing high costs associated with electrical heating or  steam generation and distribution losses are a thing of the past. The buffer tank offers hot water supply flexibility. Should demand increase significantly, then an extra AquaHeater Plus Smart is easily added to expand capacity. All these features add up to a performance boost with greatly increased flexibility and lower costs. Gas water heating offers large benefits for a modest investment.

How it works

The heart of the AquaHeater Plus Smart is state-of-the-art Dutch gas burner technology.  The burner modulates automatically as demand fluctuates, so that the gas used at any given moment is only exactly as much as needed. No extra heat is wasted in temperature ‘overshoot’. The condensing technology in the heater yields efficiency levels of 99% (gas use) compared to levels between 50% and 80% in traditional steam boilers. This technology has been used in the Netherlands for a number of decades, the AquaHeater Plus Smart puts the very best of this know-how to work in an adaptation specifically for smaller textile laundries.  The insulated tank, which is an integral part of the AquaHeater Plus Smart, offers a buffer of hot water at exactly the required temperature so that any fluctuations in demand are smoothly dealt with. No need to wait for hot water anymore. A graphic display shows operators exactly what is happening, real time. The AquaHeater Plus Smart allows you to get the maximum out of precious ressources like water and fuel. Easy CO2 savings to boot.

The AquaHeater Plus Smart is carefully designed to be ‘plug-and-play’, made for quick, easy installation and minimum fuss.