The AquaVent

Really easy energy recovery from your ironer vent!

AquaVent heat recovery from ironer vent in flatwork laundries designed and made by Wientjens. Partner of Ecolab. Wientjens focus on equipment, systems and machinery that saves water and energy in the production at industrial laundries, textile laundries, commercial laundry, industrial dry cleaners. Partner of Ecolab and Christeyns.


  • Energy recovery of up to 300 kW/h*

  • ‘Free’ energy for water heating

  • Designed for placement close to your ironer, no floorspace needed

  • Better plant performance without replacing existing equipment

  • Smooth integration into existing plant

  • No fuss maintenance

    * Based on real customer experience


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Enjoy big energy savings!



  • Tackle one of the biggest sources of energy waste

  • Recover ‘waste’ energy from your ironer vent

  • Use recovered energy to heat water, for ‘free’

  • Use in conjunction with an AquaEnergy System for optimal results


Why it’s special!

  • High capacity to suit every laundry situation – treats up to 4000 m³/hr airflow

  • Can connect to as many as 4 ironers

  • Provides a hot water flow of up to 10m³/hr

  • Reclaims up to 300 kW/h from ‘waste’ exhaust

  • Clever heat exchanger does not foul with grease and dust, so keeping its performance high

  • Customized display shows operation and performance data

  • Completely pre-assembled and pre-tested for easier installation

  • High quality insulation means minimal heat loss

  • Stainless steel frame means long life span

  • More than 500 laundries like you are already saving every day with our proven technology

What is the AquaVent?

What it does

Positioned close to your ironer(s), the AquaVent  draws in the vapour vent  (exhaust) from your flatwork ironer(s) and recovers the energy (steam vapour) from the vent. This energy is immediately put to use by the AquaVent to heat water for your process. Installing an AquaEnergy System as well will generally allow you to make optimal use of the hot water provided by the AquaVent. The AquaVent can be connected to any type of ironer, or to multiple ironers, with a maximum airflow of 4000 m³/h. Depending on you situation, that could be up to 4 ironers.  The  AquaVent is plug-and-play,  designed to make installation as easy as possible and to give you trouble-free energy recovery.

Performance boost

Your flatwork ironer uses a large amount of energy to evaporate water from your sheets or roller towels. The resulting water vapour can be seen as energy present in the  ironer vent.  The AquaVent  can reclaim this energy, up to 300kW per hour, which it will immediately use to heat water for your process, yielding a water flow of as much as 10 m³/h. Energy savings of up to 10% on total laundry energy use have been recorded by customers using the AquaVent.

How it works

The heart of the AquaVent is its special  heat exchanger. The water vapour in the ironer vent (exhaust) is effectively a significant store of energy, which traditionally ended up being vented to outside air. The AquaVent heat exchanger transforms the energy present in the vent into an energy source to heat water for your process. The high efficiency of the heat exchanger means that maximum energy is recovered from the ironer vent. Given that approximately 70% of the energy used in a laundry goes to ironing and drying functions, then energy recovery makes lots of sense.  Recovering heat from your ironer vent generates cash savings for your laundry, by providing a flow of ‘free’ hot water for use in your process. Depending on how your ironer is used, this flow of water can be up to 15 m³/h. Installing an AquaEnergy System as well as an AquaVent provides flexibility as to when you can use this hot water. It also allows you to make multiple connections to your washer extractors or continuous tunnel washers  for the hot water. Less ‘waste’ energy leaving your laundry, and indeed savings by putting the recovered energy to good use in your laundry process.