The Energy Optimizer Plus

Manage your waste water quality AND recover energy!

Wientjens Eop Energy Optimizer Plus for laundry waste water management. manage quality of waste process water and recover energy from waste water before discharge. Industrial laundry. Commercial laundries. Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab and Christeyns.


  • Helps you manage your waste water quality (4 parameters)

  • Makes compliance with discharge regulations much easier

  • Reduces negative impact on the environment

  • Recovers ‘free’ energy from your discharge and uses it for for water heating

  • Provides fresh hot water for your process with a flow of up to 30 m³/h possible

  • Designed for easy installation

  • Better plant performance without replacing existing equipment

  • Superior design for easy operation and no fuss maintenance


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Manage your discharge water quality!


Wientjens Eop Energy Optimizer Plus with Breaktank- for laundry waste water management. manage quality of waste process water and recover energy from waste water before discharge. Industrial laundry. Commercial laundries. Wientjens, Milsbeek, the Netherlands. Partner of Ecolab

Energy Optimizer Plus

  • Allows easy management of discharge water quality

  • Real time alarms alert you to potential problems

  • Correction of pH level  in discharge possible

  • Use recovered energy to heat fresh water for your process


Why it’s special!

  • Scalable to handle between 5 m³/h and 30 m³/h

  • Can handle even highly contaminated laundry waste water

  • Continuous monitoring of discharge water temperature, pressure, flow and pH level

  • Option for automatic correction of pH level

  • Real time alarms sound if set discharge limits are breached

  • High quality polished stainless steel discs limit fouling

  • Special rotating disc design maximises energy recovery

  • Data on quality parameters clearly displayed on screen, export of data possible for reporting needs

  • Graphic display shows all data on energy recovery performance

  • Installing an extra fresh water break tank permits multiple washer connections

  • Completely pre-assembled and pre-tested for easier installation

  • More than 500 laundries like you are already saving every day with our proven technology

What is the Energy Optimizer Plus?

What it does

The Energy Optimizer Plus has a double function. Firstly it recovers heat from your laundry discharge water and monitors the following important discharge parameters: water temperature in and out, flow and pH level. If the levels breach the limits you have set, then an alarm will alert you real time so that you can fix potential problems in time. Easier for you and better for the environment.

Secondly, the Energy Optimizer Plus uses the recovered energy to heat fresh water for your process. A Wientjens fresh water Break Tank installed with your Energy Optimizer Plus will give you a water buffer for use when demand requires and will allow you to supply hot water to multiple points. Management of your data relating to waste water quality is an important consideration. Typically, authorities require proof of the quality of your discharge. The Energy Optimizer Plus provides you with all the data necessary as well as exporting that data (eg via email or a USB connection) for easy reporting. The Energy Optimizer Plus is plug-and-play,  designed to make installation as easy as possible and to give you ‘quality’ waste water as well as trouble-free energy recovery.

Performance boost

The Energy Optimizer Plus will give you a consistent improvement on your waste water quality, that lessens your environmental impact and allows you to comply with the relevant regulations. But the  Energy Optimizer Plus does more than that. In recovering energy and thereby reducing the temperature of discharge, it now has an energy source to heat fresh water for use in your process. Energy that would otherwise go down the drain, and possibly cost you fines as a result. Up to  30m³/h hot fresh water can potentially be produced,  that’s a clear performance boost for your laundry!

How it works

The Energy Optimizer Plus connects to your waste water at end of pipe. It can be used for washer extractors and/or continuous tunnel washers. The heart of the  Energy Optimizer Plus is its heat exchanger, a set of special  rotating discs, highly polished to prevent build up of dirt deposits, and with a unique surface to give just the right amount of turbulence for the highest possible efficiency. Thanks to its original design, the Energy Optimizer Plus is able to handle even the dirtiest waste process water from your industrial laundry with minimal fouling. Sensors measure water temperature, pressure, flow and pH levels and trigger a real time alarm if set levels are breached. This allows you to intervene before discharge problems occur.  If the pH  of your discharge water needs to be corrected structurally, the Energy Optimizer Plus offers the option of automatic pH correction before discharge to sewer. To make maintenance easy, there is also an optional auto-flush available for flushing sedimented sand and dirt out of the Energy Optimizer Plus. All data relating to waste water quality is collected using cleverly placed sensors. This allows continuous monitoring of the parameters relevant to your situation. All the data is also displayed on a user friendly display. And it is simple to export the automatically generated data for reporting purposes, giving proof of compliance with temperature and pH requirements.

That’s not all. The energy recovered by the Energy Optimizer Plus special heat exchanger can then be used to safely heat fresh water for your process (stainless steel surfaces separate the dirty and clean sides). This can be immediately reused. Alternatively, installing a Wientjens fresh water Break Tank aids control and stabilisation of water temperature.  A Break Tank allows you to make multiple connections to your washer extractors or continuous tunnel washers  for  hot fresh water.  It also crucially protects the Energy Optimizer Plus from water hammer created by the tunnel operations. Connecting an  AquaEnergy System   to your  Energy Optimizer Plus is another way of creating a handy thermal buffer.  Less ‘waste’ energy leaving your laundry, yielding you savings by putting the recovered energy to good use in your laundry process. All while making maximum use of data, giving clear proof of waste water quality and welcome proof of energy savings in your laundry.


“Our purpose here at Ecolab is to make our world cleaner, safer and healthier – protecting people and vital ressources.”


Ecolab: Trusted Partner

Wientjens and our partner Ecolab have been collaborating fruitfully for many years. The superior energy recovery unit, the Energy Optimizer Plus, has been equipped with unique user-friendly features,  making maximum use of all our combined know-how. We are proud that the Energy Optimizer Plus technology has already proven itself for hundreds of customers. Together we strive to develop products  which cater to the real needs of textile laundries worldwide.

Ecolab and Wientjens are partners in industrial laundry. The focus of Wientjens is water and energy saving systems for the Textile Laundry Industry
Learn more about the Wientjens-Ecolab collaboration