The M-1820 Eco

The best industrial dry cleaning machine in the world!



  • Built to deal with industrial sized loads (100kg and more)

  • Superb cleaning results on industrial grease and oil stains

  • Ideal solution for really clean workwear, mechanics wipers, leather gloves, uniforms…

  • Excellent results on specialist workwear

  • Suitable for perc (perchlorethylene) or K4 (dibutoxymethane)

  • Designed specifically for easy maintenance

  • An investment that gives fast returns

  • Range of capacities available

  • Each machine is built to your specifications

  • Many extra options available (eg dosing systems, second separator…)

  • Also see our equipment for solvent distilling and recovery

  • We have over 60 years of experience in dry cleaning, we know what works!


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For better dry cleaning!


M-1820 Eco

  • Clean perfectly where wet wash falls short

  • Save with robust, efficient equipment

  • Raise capacity with short cycle times

  • Radically reduce maintenance time and costs


Why it’s special!

  • M-1820 Eco will clean up to 1000kg of lightly soiled textiles in 8 hour shift

  • Capacity of approx 800kg of heavily soiled textiles in 8 hour shift*

  • Available for operation on perc or K4

  • Fast cleaning and drying cycles

  • Excellent cleaning performance thanks to high mechanical action

  • Easy loading with large door and special tilting feature

  • Automatic door closing and opening

  • Automatic unloading thanks to machine tilt feature

  • “Button” trap also removes lint and fibres from bath

  • Automatic cleaning of button trap with rotating brushes

  • Robust construction for long lifespan in industrial environment

  • Low solvent losses

  • Maintenance friendly design for easier operation

  • With 60 years of experience making dry cleaning equipment, Wientjens has the know-how you need

    *based on real customer experience

What is the M-1820 Eco?

What it does

The M-1820 Eco is a solvent-based dry cleaning machine, built for industrial use. The M-1820 Eco will easily deal with up to 100kg loads of goods soiled with grease or oil. Freely programmable by you to suit whichever textiles you have on a given cycle, easy loading is followed by an efficient and quick cleaning and drying cycle. The result is really clean goods with the minimum of fuss.

Performance boost

Machines that are easy to operate and maintain, save your personnel hours every week. And reduce the risk of mistakes. Through years of experience in dry cleaning machines, we know exactly how to make those dream machines. What’s more, our dry cleaning machines are long lasting. That means savings in time and money, every single day. Real returns on your investment.