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Frequently Asked Questions2017-10-31T13:00:48+01:00
Who is Wientjens B.V.?2019-05-22T16:09:23+02:00

Wientjens B.V. is a Dutch company which specialises in equipment for textile care.  We have a range of products for textile laundries, industrial dry cleaners and skin tanneries. We design and make robust, high performance equipment. What’s more, most of our equipment, as well as generating savings will also help textile care companies to become more sustainable! Do browse through our website to learn more!

Can Wientjens’ equipment help me be more sustainable?2019-05-22T16:11:34+02:00

The answer to this question is a resounding yes!

Wientjens’ water and energy recycling equipment for laundries will help you re-use and therefore save on water. It will also help you recover and re-use ‘waste’ energy. It can further greatly improve the quality of your discharge  to sewer, both lowering COD and removing  dirt and solid particles before discharge.

Our gas-fired water heaters have an efficiency of 99% plus. They make use of the cleanest fossil fuel there is: natural gas. There are no efficiency losses from power plants or steam boiler piping. Wientjens’ water heaters heat only the water you need, as you need it and on the spot.

And just to say, our products can also connect to other energy sources such as solar panels e.g. for hot fill water.

Each and every one of our water/energy products will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

What is Wientjens’ experience in water/energy?2019-05-22T16:15:10+02:00

Wientjens is possibly the most experienced supplier of recycling equipment to the textile care industry. We have marketed water/energy (recycling) equipment since the early 1990s. That makes Wientjens one of the first companies in this field.  And we have been building experience since. Our co-operation partner, Ecolab, is a leading global textile care supplier. Our customer list includes small and large laundries worldwide. For more details see About Wientjens, and Ecolab.

What size of laundry can save by recycling?2019-05-22T16:18:31+02:00

If your laundry uses from around 5m³/hour or more, Wientjens’ equipment can offer interesting payback periods. Our equipment is modular so that no laundry is too big to recycle water using any of our products. Our customers range from small OPLs through to large commercial laundries.

If  you have a water or energy supply problem, Wientjens equipment is probably of interest to you no matter what your size.

Our gas-fired water heaters start at 80kW.

Our energy recovery from ironer exhaust is of interest to larger flat-work laundries.

Is Wientjens’ equipment compatible with all batch and tunnel washers?2019-05-22T16:21:30+02:00

All Wientjens’ water and energy recycling equipment is compatible with  leading brand washing systems. Our connections are universal. We have wide experience of country specific requirements too.

How can I buy Wientjens’ equipment for textile laundries?2019-05-22T16:24:04+02:00

To purchase our water and energy (recycling) equipment, you can either contact us or contact your local Ecolab Textile Care representative. Both we and our partner Ecolab will be delighted to help.

To purchase disinfection sluices please contact us directly, we will be delighted to help you specify the right equipment for your needs and will then provide you with a quote.

How often do I need to clean my water recycling equipment?2019-05-22T16:30:07+02:00

Your water recycling equipment has an automatic backflush feature. It therefore self-cleans, roughly every 5 minutes during intensive use. Further cleaning requirements will vary depending on conditions in your plant. However your control panel will highlight when cleaning is needed. Your machine handbook also gives full details of cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Where can I find instructions for replacing a seal or other part?2019-05-22T16:31:30+02:00

Please contact us and we will send you instructions.

How do I order a spare part?2019-05-22T16:33:14+02:00

Contact us with the details (serial number) of which spare part you need. We will respond quickly to a phone call or an email.

Can I use non-original spare parts?2019-05-22T16:35:41+02:00

Many parts of Wientjens’ equipment are manufactured specifically for us. We strongly recommend that you use only original spare parts, to ensure the part has the correct specifications.  You would otherwise risk real problems with your equipment. Contact us instead for a quotation.

Can I adjust software settings myself?2019-05-22T16:39:40+02:00

The control panel allows you to adjust certain equipment settings (see your Machine Handbook).However  we do not recommend you do this without consulting a process specialist. The settings on your machine have been chosen for reasons connected to your process.

On no account should you interfere with the software itself. This would likely cause immediate problems leading possibly to irreparable machine damage as well as stopping your process. Any interference with the software will render your guarantee void. If there is something you wish to change, please contact us. Using a VPN connection it is possible for us to adjust certain settings remotely, then you are assured of solutions that work.

What is the price of Wientjens’ equipment?2019-05-22T16:43:40+02:00

The price of our equipment will depend on the specifics of your situation. Choosing optional features for extra performance also impacts on price. First step is to determine your requirements. After that, specifications can be drawn up and you can receive a quotation.  Contact us to discuss.

How do I get Wientjens service support?2019-05-22T16:46:11+02:00

Contact us either by phone or by email with details of your question (machine number/part serial number/ description of problem) and we will be ready to help. Our service page gives you further details about how we can support.

N.B. We strongly recommend having a VPN connection to your water/energy equipment.  This will enable us to check your machine performance remotely. We can then help you much more quickly as we can more easily help you troubleshoot or diagnose problems. Without a VPN connection, there is much greater chance of needing a site visit from our service engineer.

What capacity dry cleaning equipment does Wientjens offer?2019-05-22T16:48:55+02:00

Wientjens dry cleaning modules start at 100kg capacity.

Our most popular distiller distills roughly 1600 liters perc/hour, other capacities possible

How can I buy Wientjens dry cleaning equipment?2019-05-22T16:50:10+02:00

Please contact us directly. We will discuss your specifications with you and will then be happy to make you a quotation.

How do I get in contact?2019-05-22T16:53:06+02:00

Just visit our contact page